What Advanced  Bodywork Does For You

What my athletes get at Advanced Massage Therapy is more than just bodywork.  With my experience as an Advanced Soft Tissue worker I have the ability to feel the stress on the Muscles, Tendons, Ligaments and especially the Fascia . Particularly the exact degeree of stress wether intermuscular, superficial or at the periostium.  These components when over stressed can  become prone to injury or a significant  lack of performance in your sport.   Gait  and our biodynamics whether in your sport,  at work or in your  school environment  can change the efficiancy in how your body articulates  in your activities. Those inefficiencies or postural blocks can often create repeaded injuries that DO NOT HEAL.  At the very least, where performance stagnates or reaches a block in progress.  All these componants are examined and assessed.